Young AFCEAN Lunch and Learn - 20 February 2015

POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER Building Your Own Kinect Photo Booth 

The Kinect for Windows can be used for more than just fun dancing games. The Kinect Photo Booth is a fantastic way to attract people to your event/organization booth. The Kinect is a real people magnet. From K12 school activities to business events, the Kinect is one of the best tools to get people's attention. In this session, we'll learn about Kinect, it's capabilities, and how to build your own Kinect Photo Booth. 

William Fink is a Technical Evangelist with Microsoft and is passionate about software development and helping others build amazing things. William is from the St. Louis area and enjoys traveling across the USA talking with people about programming apps and for the web. William enjoys writing c#, JavaScript, Java, and other languages with mustaches.

December General Membership Meeting

Presenter: Susan S. Lawrence
Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Special Thanks to Susan S. Lawrence, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, for a fantastic session. 

Thanks to all who helped put this event together and special thanks to Susan for volunteering her time and talent to help our Chapter succeed.

Young AFCEAN Recap

Our final Young AFCEAN lunch and learn session of 2014 was held on 12 November at the Saber and Quill. Miss Elizabeth Naramore told us to "Stop Drinking Spoiled Milk". This topic covered being stagnant in your career, needing change in your life, being scared to face new possibilities, etc. Elizabeth had great heartwarming, personal stories which many of us could correlate with our own lives. Her speech was a perfect motivation for some to quit making excuses in their lives, take ownership of it, and make necessary changes. Have you purchased your gratitude journal yet?

Young AFCEAN Lunch and Learn - 12 Nov 14

Stop Drinking Spoiled Milk

Generally speaking, humans don’t like change. We stay in jobs that aren’t right for us, relationships that are toxic, and we fight the inevitability of mortality all for the sake of avoiding change. The fact of the matter is that change is ultimately upon us, whether we like it or not. Everything in our lives has an expiration date, and the real trick is figuring out when that date has come and passed, and how you face the Brave New World before you.

Elizabeth Naramore is an author, speaker, mentor, and recovering web developer. She currently works on the Community Team at GitHub, and she’s all about looking at new ways to solve old problems. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her partner, their 3 children, and a dog named Raisin.

You can find her on Twitter at @ElizabethN. 

Event will be hosted at the Saber and Quill, Woodford Room.  Doors will open at 1100, speaker will begin at 1130.

Eventbrite - Young AFCEAN Lunch and Learn: Stop Drinking Spoiled Milk


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